Study: Gamers Want More Diverse Characters, Stances on Social Issues

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The demographics of the video game industry have rapidly changed since we were first given Computer Space and Pong. Video game companies at the beginning catered to mostly straight men and men of color were underrepresented in both games and the video gaming community.

Consequentially women, other minority groups and LGBTQ+ groups have been overlooked by the industry, but no more.

The most recent study conducted by Newzoo found that the video gaming market of two countries—the United Kingdom and the United States—are “extremely diverse in terms of gender, ethnicity,” sexual orientation, and disability.

According to the factsheet published on their website, the consumer data they collected included more than 100 variables on the video gamers who participated. The variables were broken down into seven categories:

· Demographics (these are the statistics that were published publicly and the ones I’m discussing today)

· Game Behavior