A Statement from the BESN.TV Squad

The Black gamer, like the Black American, is not a monolith.

Here at BLACK eSports Network, we are always peeping the ways Black Americans are rejoicing or hurting. We are dedicated to Black gamers and their way of playing, no matter the way they play.

We are a network for the Black gamer, by Black gamers, dedicated to highlighting Black gamers in all facets of the video game industry be they game developers, professional esports players, tournament winners, content creators, streamers or casual players through interviews, content sharing, and interacting with you at home and Black gamers beyond U.S. borders.

While things in the United States have been trying for Black Americans, we want all Black gamers everywhere in the country to know that we see you, we see and hear your feelings, and we will stand by you every step of the way as you rage and as you heal.

Black eSports Network (BESN.TV) will be here to give you a place of joy, a place of gaming when the world is too much.

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