SpecialEffect launch Eye Gaze Games, with World’s First Online Multiplayer Eye-controlled Web Games

December 17th, 2020 - The eight browser-based games at www.eyegazegames.com--Mole Miners, 4-in-a-Row, EyeDrive, Chess, Draughts (Checkers), Solitaire and Sudoku and Sudoku Monsters--can be played using any Windows eye gaze system which offers mouse control.

“This is the first suite of online web games that enables eye gaze users to meet and play against anyone in the world, anonymously and on a level playing field,” said SpecialEffect Founder and CEO Dr. Mick Donegan. “The games open up a new era of gaming inclusion for disabled players and represent a model for developers which highlights the additional enjoyment that can be gained from including gaze-control in their games.”

More games will be added to the Eye Gaze Games website as they are developed.

The release of Eye Gaze Games extends the charity’s mission to help people with severe physical challenges all around the world to play video games to the best of their abilities. SpecialEffect already offers a range of globally available resources for accessible gaming such as EyeMine, a utility for playing Minecraft with eye-control.

They also provide support and advice for accessible game development and have helped major developers such as EA, Playground Games, DoubleFine, and Rare to make games like FIFA, Day of The Tentacle, Forza Horizon and Sea of Thieves more accessible.

This press release first appeared on GamesPress and has been edited for grammar, readability and clarity.

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