Star City Cougars are on the Prowl

The Star City Cougars have only been an esports team in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for a short time, but they're making big cat strides in competitive gaming.

The local team, created and run by esports organization Shoot2Win Gaming, is currently 3-0 in Rocket League.

According to Shoot2Win co-founder Demitri "BlackJack716" Jack, the Star City Cougars started late last year.

"So far, they've been doing the indie league right now," Jack told Black eSports Network in an interview. "This is their third season... right now."

The road to improvement for the Cougars is paved with practice and passion.

"They've all been practicing since last season, and they've been playing it every single day...about two, three hours at a time, just grinding.

"I remember watching them from the start till now... It's just crazy how when you put your time and effort into something, you could become good at it."