Shoot2Win Gaming Aims to Provide Esports Teams to Minority Competitors

As gamers of color from the 90s and 00s grow up to become gaming adults, we begin to think more about how the industry is changing and where we gamers of color want it to go for us.

Black eSports Network has the vision of bringing esports and gaming content to gamers of colors, made for them and by people who look just like them in one place on one platform.

Shoot2Win Gaming's vision is getting people of color not just into the esports industry but also onto esports teams. Johnathan "JayDee717" Diaz, CEO of the Pennsylvania esports org, has built this vision for the last two years.

"I was watching different esports organizations like FaZe and 100Thieves, and they were just growing," Diaz told BESN.TV in an interview. "So, I figured, 'Why not start my own esports team?'"

It's an opportunity often denied to us in the esports and gaming industries, even in a time when "diversity and inclusion" seem to be the buzzwords on the lips of every gaming company.

"When it comes to the gaming scene... I feel like minorities get the back seat," he said. "So, my goal has always been to have a heavy minority-based team and give all of us minorities a chance at esports because I think that's important."

He's passionate about Shoot2Win's minority focus as a kid from the inner-city himself who had been doubted and talked down upon by others.

"I want to give [kids like] us a chance," he said. "Being in the inner-city my whole entire life, I've been doubted... shunned. To come out... and start this type of business, I wanna give kids that look like us that have the same ideas and passions... a chance to shine too."