Play for the Story, Stay for the Sepia Scenery in The Lion's Song

The following video game review contains mild spoilers for the video game, The Lion's Song, developed and published by Mi'pu'mi Games.

The Lion's Song is a point-and-click narrative game that interconnects in both story and soundtrack.

"...Set against the backdrop of early 20th century Austria," you'll play four chapters, each as a different character with a passion of their own.

"Chapter One: Silence" follows a violinist to the Alps as she struggles to compose a new song.

"Chapter Two: Anthology" takes you through Vienna's art scene through the perspective of a painter who sees people as the multifaceted creatures they are.

"Chapter Three: Derivation" allows you to change the identity of a mathematician who can't be taken seriously by their peers.

The neatest thing about The Lion's Song is this moment w