The First Tree is Emotional, with Gorgeous Design and a Parallel Storytelling

This review contains mild spoilers for the 3D exploration video game, The First Tree.

The best video games that do not get enough love from gamers are games where your protagonist is an animal.

Sure, people are excited about the upcoming game, Stray, where you play as a cat in a world full of robots to make your way back home.

However, there is another animal-centric game that is just as beautiful to look at with fantastic narration.

The First Tree is a 3D exploration game developed and published by David Wehle.

The website describes the story as "centered around two parallel stories: a fox trying to find her missing family and a young couple dealing with a tragedy in theirs."

Even though you're controlling the fox, you're listening to protagonist Joseph tell his partner about his relationship with his dad, who recently passed away. While you explore the fox's world around you, you can find items to dig up that center around Joseph's story.

Along the way, you and the fox will collect little stars that help show you the paths you need to take.

The controls work exactly like a fox would move. You can jump and do a classic fox double jump. You also dig like a fox who is looking for prey.