REVIEW: Tell Me Why is Poignant, Essential for Gamers of all Genders

The following review may contain spoilers for the DONTNOD Entertainment/Xbox Game Studios video game, Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why is a video game people across the gender spectrum need to play. If you're cis, trans, nonbinary, everywhere or nowhere in between, you have to play this game.

Created by DONTNOD Entertainment in collaboration with Microsoft's Xbox Game Studios, this narrative adventure follows twins Alyson and Tyler as they attempt to unravel their childhood and the night Tyler killed their mother...or did he?

DONTNOD Entertainment is best known for the narrative adventure Life is Strange and Tell Me Why follows a similar model to its predecessors.

Like Max, Tyler is returning to his hometown after an extended absence.

Tyler was charged with the murder of his and Alyson's mom. Now that Tyler's released, he goes back home to help his sister maybe sell their childhood home and maybe establish a new life in Alaska's capital.