Review: The Sims 4 Dream Home Decorator is EA's "Trading Spaces," Could Help Revive Whims

Two neighbors, two days and a budget of a thousand dollars.

These were the starting stipulations when TLC's "Trading Spaces" first began airing in 2000. Over time, the budget changed, but the room renovating concepts stayed the same.

When I began playing The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Game Pack, the hit television series immediately came to mind. It was a favorite of my mom's; "Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls" on Discovery Kids was a personal favorite of mine. Though, there are some exceptions and differences between the show and the Game Pack.

Two Sims, discussing interior decoration to highlight The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Game Pack.
Patina Wainscot, right, with a client during The Sims 4: Dream Home Decorator Game Pack release date trailer.

Unless you live in the same neighborhood as your clients, you won't be trading spaces with them like in the shows. Your Sim is the sole decorator in the entire game. Literally. While you can travel to plenty of lots and recreate them to your heart's content, there's no way for your controlled Sim to hire an NPC Interior Decorator themselves, either by phone or by using the laptop.