Press Release Aug. 17, 2020: Welcome to the BET of the video game industry!

Black Esports Network is the first esports network dedicated to the advancement of Black, Indigenous and people of color through gaming, art, cosplay, video game development and technology.

We are officially opening ourselves out to the world on this day and are letting everyone know that we are here to create a gaming community for people of color, by people of color and about people of color.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, BESN.TV is a part of the Startup Atlanta program and the Google Founders Startup Program. We have a sponsorship with Red Bull Gaming and have weekly tournaments for games like Smash Bros., MageQuit and Mortal Kombat.

We also host Retro Tuesdays, picking old video games from consoles past and playing them once in a week in a tournament!

We are also launching a new esports league: Black 10.

The Black 10 Esports League by BESN.TV is a chance for young gamers of color in urban communities to connect with others and compete on teams. Our goal through Black 10 is to promote the attendance of higher education through esports. Winners of the Black 10 League have a chance to receive scholarships for their prospective historical Black college or university.

We are still seeking more sponsors and partners to assist in expanding our network and help us with our seed round of half a million dollars.

If you are interested in investing in, partnering with or sponsoring Black Esports Network, please contact our founder Tim Fields at his email address: You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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