The Educator's Developer Endeavor, With a Side Quest in Artist Searches

Teacher, dessert delivery driver and programmer, Prescott Lawani is on a quest to develop games.

Last Christmas, his LLC Padlockes Technologies was activated by the state of Texas.

Though the license has been active for a year, creating Padlockes Technologies was something he did after taking a course taught by the indie game developer, Thomas Brush.

"One of the very first things he mentioned in the very beginning...was, 'Make a company,'" Lawani told Black eSports Network in an interview. "And I was like, 'Okay.'"

The company's first game is currently in development, Lockes The Thief.

"A villainous trying to steal an unlimited energy and take over The Land," reads the Steam page. "Lockes the Thief aims to get it first and deliver it to those who would use the power for peace."

This is a 3D rendering of Padlockes Technologies upcoming game, Lockes The Thief. It's a landscape screenshot with Lockes in the middle, his health bar in the top left corner and the amount of "Luck" he's got in the bottom left corner.
Black Protagonist Alert! This is Lockes the Thief, the title character! *Game Still in Development; Not Final Art Design*

The inspiration behind Lockes The Thief comes from his first creation: a comic book he began drawing in fifth grade and didn't stop creating until his sophomore year in college.

"From there, I had this huge storyline," Lawani explained. "It had its own combat engine and all this stuff I put into it to make it more interactive.

"It was originally called 'The World of Magic.' And then there was a game that came out called The World of Magic, so I changed the name to 'Magic Trip.' I have had the story of this game... I'm just now turning it into the game."

A story spanning almost 300 episodes, Lockes The Thief is one of the main characters in Magic Trip.

The game has gone through some iterations and changes, starting as a co-op video game called The Thief and The Muse.

"My game's made in Unreal Engine," Lawani explained to BESN.TV about changing the video game from two players to one. "It played similar to a one-player game with two people. I thought it was going to be hard, but it was actually pretty simple."

The lack of cooperative play won't affect your story--The Muse will still have a role and assist Lockes. She's there, he says, just not playable.

A screenshot of Lockes the Thief in his self-titled game, sneaking up on an enemy to Sneak Attack. The screenshot directs the player to press LB on their controller to engage the sneak attack. The health bar and luck count are still in their left side corners. In the bottom right corner is controller directions. In the top right corner is the player's map.
Sneaky, sneak! As Lockes the Thief, you'll stealth your way through enemies, as thieves do. You can try brute force, but you'll need plenty of Luck for that.

Lawani plans to make The Thief and The Muse the second video game developed by Padlockes Technologies.

Lockes The Thief is his main focus in developing Padlockes Technologies games, but his biggest challenge in the development process has been the art.

"I'm not the greatest artist," Lawani admits. "I do get a lot of different input on the art style. The art has been a... challenge."

His longtime girlfriend--and biggest supporter--has a "nice, artistic eye" that has advised him throughout his journey.

"I would love to get... [a] professional artist to help me with the art. That way, I can focus on programming. I would love an artist--especially one that can do something similar to Zelda."

Prescott Lawani is determined to leave an impression with Padlockes Technologies' Lockes The Thief.

The vision and adaptability through adversity are steep in Lawani's advice of going for it no matter what.

The wrong thing a budding game developer can do? Not develop a game.

"If you go for it, you have a one hundred percent chance of getting a result," he explained. "You might have a game that succeeds; you might have a game that fails. It's okay if you fail because you'll still learn from that experience.

"Go for it, do your research and network."

The Padlockes Technologies logo

Lockes The Thief is currently available for your Wishlist on Steam. With a TBA release, Padlockes Technologies is a great Black-owned game dev company worth watching grow.

Prescott Lawani and Padlockes Technologies can be followed on, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Twitter. Learn more about Padlockes Technologies on their website and LinkTree.

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