Tales of the Perfectly Imperfect Legend

People are not perfect. We are, as human beings, looking to become better and changing ourselves.

Since we're not perfect, it just gives us a chance to prioritize the important things and pick our battles.

As a fighting game champion, Carl White knows a thing or two about picking battles.

As PerfectLegend, he's spent the past 16 years cultivating a career in the fighting game circuit in two ways. He has seen a lot, competed often, won world and national championships, and lost to some of the best.

His gaming roots, like other legends Black eSports Network has spoken to, take ground within the first five years of his life. The first game he remembers playing is Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy, the device belonging to a friend of his sister's.

"I was like, two or three years old," White told BESN.TV in an interview. "It was in my living room, I remember--'cause I only got to play for maybe 30 minutes or an hour. It wasn't too long."