"Mortal Kombat:" The Movie Review for the Movie Watcher

The following is a movie review for the 2021 film "Mortal Kombat" and may contain information that could be spoilers.

I am generally a person who loves watching movies, whether they're flops or cinematic masterpieces. I'm most interested in the writing and the dialogue and what characters say about each other.

The video game franchise Mortal Kombat's most recent film adaptation made me throw my favorite aspect out the window. I love meaningful dialogue, but I knew going in this wasn't going to be one of those movies where I would say, "the writing was so good."

I had a new phrase: "The fighting was so good!"

I'll be honest: I had no experience with Mortal Kombat in any fashion until within the last year when I finally played Mortal Kombat 11.

I also had the advantage of never seeing any "Mortal Kombat" movies because the opportunity never presented itself, and I never sought to see them. Since my main fighting game to play is Tekken, I had no knowledge of Mortal Kombats franchise lore going into this.

All these factors had me see the movie not as an adaptation of a video game but as a regular movie.

It's not that I blocked out the fact that the film was a video game adaptation. Even before playing Mortal Kombat myself, I loved reciting its intense phrases, my favorite being "FINISH HIM" whenever Beast holds Gaston out over the ledge in Walt Disney's 1991 animated film, "Beauty and the Beast."

I mean this in that I had no expectations about what the film was or was not going to be. My lack of lore didn't allow me to compare and critique the movie's storyline outside of "does the plot flow? Is it entertaining?"

The answers to both of these are "kind of" and "yes," respectively. I thought the movie's editing was choppy in some places. The dialogue between characters was weak