It's a Good Time to be a Gamer Girl! (Sort of.)

Even though it may feel like the world around us is coming down, now is a great time to be a gamer girl.

This week, there have been two announcements made by two separate entities revealing their all-women esports teams for the multiplayer first-person shooter, Valorant.

Cloud9 and AT&T debuted their women’s team just this week at the qualifiers for Riot Games’ First Strike Tournament. Esports organization Gen.G and women-first social networking app Bumble, are currently putting together a Valorant team of their own (which you can find out how to apply for here).

Before them, we had Vaevictis’ League of Legends all-women team and, while they had some controversy surrounding them—along with their absence from the 2020 League of Legends Continental League season—their emergence into competitive esports was symbolic of a post-Gamergate industry where lady gamers could unapologetically be in the esports ring with men.

That isn’t to say the problems of Gamergate<