Is the PlayStation 5 Worth It?

The release of the PlayStation 5’s price and launch date officially sparked the new generational debate of which new console will be the best for both video gaming and your budget.

During Sony’s PlayStation 5 Showcase yesterday afternoon, we were given a look at the console’s new vertical-standing option, its milestone as now the largest video game console in modern history and its reverse-Oreo coloring. The PlayStation 5 Standard and Digital Editions are both 15 inches tall. Since there is no disc drive for physical media to run on the PS5 Digital, you will have to play all your video games and watch all your movies from digital copies.

There are no physical differences between the two PlayStations. The specs are even the same. The length itself isn’t enough to prefer one console edition over the other because the difference is in the width: PS5 Standard is about four inches wide and the PS5 Digital is a little over three and a half inches wide.

The Showcase did not give any details into what running the newest PlayStation would look like or what sort of features it would have that could separate it from its holiday rivals, the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, which actually made the presentation of the console at the very end of the Showcase underwhelming. I learned a lot about the games that are going to be released when the consoles launch, but I don’t feel like I’m more informed about the machine I’m wanting to purchase. Though I must confess that my underwhelm could be a symptom of having bits and pieces of information given out about it previously.

If you go back to the YouTube Livestream aired on the PlayStation channel, the Showcase only shows off its physical features, such as the cooling fans, the use of its signature blue lighting to indicate the power is on and the base your PlayStation 5 will sit on, whether you choose to place your console vertical or horizontal.

Even being excited about backward compatibility seems feigned, because the compatibility will only apply to PlayStation 4 games and not games from the first three consoles. For Xbox Series X, the backward compatibility is said to apply any games from Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

For visuals, only the PlayStations come with support for 8K resolution, and the consoles come with 4K resolution and a maximum of 120 frames per second. If it is storage you’re looking for, the Xbox Series X has an entire terabyte for saving things; the PlayStation 5's 825-gigabyte storage drive is custom and, according to Games Radar, "has the potential to load faster than its rival."

But even with a lack of details, the specifications, and the upcoming games that are being released, is the PlayStation 5 Standard Edition going to be worth the $499? Will the PS5 Digital Edition be worth its $399 price tag?

I say yes.

Outside of my personal feelings that I have not had an at-home console for a very long time (my current handheld and console besides PC is still the Nintendo 3DS), I am a firm believer that PlayStations are more entertaining than Xbox. Every game presented in the Showcase I was excited for, and even the games I wasn’t excited for, I found them to be visually pleasing and knew someone in the back of my mind who would enjoy the game more than me. With Xbox games, even during showcases, I find myself looking at three to five games before finding one I would genuinely be interested in playing. With PlayStation, the games are more my style and speed.

While I am very excited about Final Fantasy XVI and God of War: Ragnarok, I am still more excited about Crash Bandicoot 4 and how that will play on a PlayStation 5.

Also, keep in mind, this is all my own opinion. While I’m choosing the PlayStation in this next console war, BESN.TV’s very own Chief Compliance Officer Anthony Shaw is choosing both Xbox and PlayStation.

Whether or not you want to go digital though is going to be completely up to you as a gamer. I recommend the digital edition for college students who don’t want the struggle of moving their video game disc collection every nine months when the school year is up. If you’re a seasoned gamer who loves owning physical copies of their game, I recommend getting the standard PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation 5—both standard and digital editions—are currently available to be preordered right now. They will available in the United States and other select countries on Nov. 12. They'll be released globally on Nov. 19.