The Son of the Hip-Hop, Video Game Union

Whether they've been in the video game industry for two years or twenty, no two people have the same story.

Such is the tale of artist, businessman, and video game player Gerard Williams. Best known by the moniker, HipHopGamer.

With excitable energy you can feel right through your computer screen, HipHopGamer made it known nothing was off-limits.

"I'm someone that you could ask me anything," he told Black Esports Network. "I don't have somebody telling me what to do and what not to do."

He said he goes to the rhythm of his drum, an amusing way to describe his independence since hip-hop is one-half of the brand he's created and also one-half of himself.

"I love hip-hop and grew up on it, but I never saw myself makin' music or writin' lyrics. I never seen myself doing that until I saw my brother and my cousins doing it."

He received his first record deal at the age of 14 but unfortunately couldn't sign onto it.