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Going Forward

Hello Everyone,

We are going through a major overhaul at Black Esports Network Inc. In our 3 years of being in business and being a part of 5 startup programs such as Google for Startups, Ernst Young Entrepreneur Program, ATV Cohort 7, Microsoft Startups, Start it up Georgia and even connecting with Amazon, we still have not secured the funds needed to properly launch BESN.TV…

Even now through our process of eliminations we learn that the best way going forward is to focus on two things BESN Games and Content in the next 6-8 months to kick start in raising our own funds internally. We have begun working on 3 in house games and our first documentary as well. With all of our esports, leagues and events moving over to BESN X Community. Our goal is to relaunch BESN.TV with our own growth and scale from our new products so that we can provide a true BIPOC digital experience that will not be duplicated in any way.

We appreciate everyone's help in mentoring and trying to secure funding, but we can no longer depend on that method because it has cost us so much time with zero return. This time we are doing it on our terms so get ready!

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