Generation Esports Partners with Lost Tribe Esports to Bring Gaming Options to Jewish Youth

KANSAS CITY, MOGeneration Esports (GenE), the founder and operator of the popular High School Esports League (HSEL) and Middle School Esports League (MSEL), is entering a renewed partnership with Lost Tribe Esports, the global Jewish Gen-Z, year-round digital and in-person engagement initiative.

By partnering with GenE, Lost Tribe Esports will provide esports tournaments, casual gaming, and special events for Jewish teens worldwide. Using the tools GenE provides and combining them with the platforms they have already created, Lost Tribe Esports can engage and re-engage teens and adults in Jewish life and community, as well as introduce opportunities to connect with Jewish institutions and Israel.

GenE and Lost Tribe Esports will ensure safety, security, and meaningful engagement opportunities for all involved in their mutual initiatives. Together, these two organizations will have a zero-tolerance policy for any bullying and harassment while working to make sure tournament and communications channels are welcoming and respectful for ALL gamers, regardless of background, gender, and ability. GenE and Lost Tribe Esports previously partnered in the summer of 2020 to promote female-identifying esports competitors in their early teens and varsity leagues.

As part of the continued relationship, Lost Tribe Esports will field middle school and high school esports teams through HSEL and MSEL, respectively, with plans to stream the high school level team's matches on their Twitch channel.