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GDWC Fan Favorite Category Voting: Week Two

The first-week win of the Game Development World Championship's Fan Favorite category belongs to Oona, The Druid's Path!

By winning the vote in the first round of nominees, the game will advance to the final round, competing with other weekly winners for the title of Fan Favorite.

There are still more weeks left to vote and more games to discover. Black eSports Network is bringing you every week of nominees, leading up to the final round that will vote for the winner.

The GDWC Fan Favorite Category nominees for Week Two voting are:

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening

By Brytenwalda Studios, Spain

Become a part of H.O.P.E., help the exiled human civilization and recover Earth in this post-apocalyptic role-playing game. The war to recover your homeworld gets heated; every social interaction and ability will be tested.

While this has the potential to give Halo vibes just off of graphics alone, this action RPG is single-player, so don't expect to save Earth with the homies.

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening is slated for a release in May this year and is only available on PC.

Detective From The Crypt

By BOV, Russia

If you were a child who loved playing the Nancy Drew computer games growing up, this is the perfect game for you.

This single-player game puts you in the role of a Victorian-era detective in the form of a ghostly girl and her ghostly cat helper. Her name is Jane, and one day, she awakes in a crypt and has discovered her family has died. Now she must figure out who's done it and maybe even why.

The animation reminded me of the intro to PBS's show, "Mystery," and the classic point-and-click gives it more of the retro vibe it's aiming for with the era.

There's no set release date or month, but Detective From The Crypt is set for a release sometime this year and will be available on PC.

Frame of Mind

By [SAMPLETEXT] Studios Ltd., New Zealand

Think outside the box and switch your logic for creativity in this minimalist puzzle platform game.

There isn't much to describe the game's objective or the gameplay involved, but if you're looking for puzzles and brainteasers to keep you busy, this could be the game for you.

Frame of Mind was released on Jan. 19 of this year but only available for Windows. However, it is free to play for those interested in trying it out!

Guilty Parade

By Nozori Games, Russia

A game with a snazzy jazzy trailer track, you have to look at two sides of a war and solve a mysterious crime using two different game modes.

Choose your side of the barricade and make choices that will change various outcomes in novel mode. Investigate the clues and evidence for your murder mystery in the point-and-click mode. The manga-style graphics drive the novel mode of this game, and the point-and-click makes one feel as if they're in a choose your own anime adventure.

Guilty Parade is already available for play on PC for $4.99.

Kittens' Maze

By Aasura Project, Poland

Some gamers go crazy about games where you play as a cat (it's me, I'm "some gamers"), Kittens' Maze follows in those paw prints.

In this third-person perspective game, control your cat to collect as many coins as you can before time runs out. While some are above ground, other coins you'll have to dig to find. A local player vs player mode is an option too.

The cat characters come in different colors and even have special abilities based on their gender.

Kittens' Maze is a free-to-play game but only available for Windows.

Midnight Cartridge

By Kultisti & Sulo, Finland

There's not much known about this horror-genre throwback to the GameBoy games of old. Literally.

Midnight Cartridge's only description is: "you found an old cartridge from the forest and decided to plug it in. It's so dark that you can't see, so you might have to listen..."

Even the trailer below recommends you use headphones for the best watching experience. The silence and attentiveness the trailer requires for watching because you're relying on the sound is the perfect example of what is to come in the game if you decide to play.

Midnight Cartridge is available now for free, but only for Windows.


By PlanetStudio, Mexico

If you like Rocket League, Shooterball is an alternative that uses similar physics to help you play basketball instead of soccer. It's in first-person and uses real-like basketball tactics in its gameplay to help your player and their team win.

My favorite gameplay feature you'll see is the option to steal the ball from your opponent-- a true staple in basketball.

Shooterball is available for Windows on Steam for $10.99.

Star Squadron: Student Driver

By Mark Arenz, United States of America

It's every teenager's dream to get their license to be able to drive around in space. But you have to pass 15 levels to get there. And even though you have zero gravity to help you navigate space around you, enemies and obstacles in your way, and you'll only have a cannon that shoots ping pong balls to defend yourself.

The game is to be relaxing and campy, not a game to be taken too seriously.

Star Squadron: Student Driver is available now for free on Steam for both Mac and Windows.

Tortured Hearts - Or How I Saved The Universe. Again.

By Teleport Games Bt, Hungary

The most impressive feature of this game is that it is the product of 12 and a half years of video game development.

Its second-most impressive feature is how there's an estimated 200 hours minimum of playtime. This hardcore role-playing game has turn-based combat and is said to be "speed-through proof."

The game description on the Game Development's World Championship website immediately gives you the vibe that this game was not only worked on for a long time but worked on thoroughly enough to have all kinds of features. These features give the game credibility in its replayability and give players a chance to try different characters for different gameplay.

Tortured Hearts - Or How I Saved The Universe. Again. is available only for Windows on Steam. It prices for $39.99, but you can play the Demo for free.

You can vote for your favorite games in this week's group on the Game Development World Championship's website.

This article was created with the assistance of a press release that first appeared on GamesPress.

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