GDWC Fan Favorite Category Voting: Week 3

Beyond Mankind: The Awakening has won the second week of voting and goes on to the final round of voting for the Fan Favorite Category of the Game Development World Championship.

Every week, Black eSports Network is bringing you each set of nine contenders up for voting. The winner of each of these weekly votes advances to the final round, where the winners of all nine weeks of voting will compete for the top spot to become the GDWC Fan Favorite.

The nine games up for voting in the third week are:

Apprentice Arriving

By Jewel Seeker Entertainment, Germany

This third-person fantasy role-playing game has a system that remembers the choices you make and preferred battling patterns. The game passively cultivates the skills you use the most, causing you to create your character's class as you play the game.

"You will have thousands of options to individualize your playstyle until you become a true master," their page on the GDWC website says. By doing this, you'll be on track to becoming the next magic apprentice.

Apprentice Arriving is currently on Steam for Windows through Early Access for $12.99.

Crooks Like Us

By Out Of Tune Games, United Kingdom

An online multiplayer game with one objective--steal as many objects as possible from your location before the clock is out to win!

In Crooks Like Us, you and your friends have to evade security guards and knock each other out while trying to stack and balance your items full of prized possessions ripe for the taking. The higher your stack the items, the more points you get. As it gets taller, balancing items to take them to the van will become increasingly difficult.

Since this is a multiplayer game, you have plenty of things to hit the other players with, such as anvils, ice and earthquakes.

This game available on PC for free!

Fall Balance Ball

By Fall Games, Russia

While there isn't much about the game on the GDWC webpage, there's no doubt that the trailer speaks for itself.

For 66 levels, you direct a ball as it bounces off of various platforms, rolls through obstacles and runs along walls. Pick up crystals as the ball falls and get special abilities to help you through the levels.

At the time of publishing and its subsequent voting week, Fall Balance Ball is on sale for $1.79 on Steam, but it retails $1.99. Unfortunately, it is only available for Windows.

Lion Quest Infinity

By Fraser, United Kingdom

This single-player game also has local online multiplayer, so you and the homies can all sit in the same room for this one.

The description on the GDWC webpage says, "Jethro the Lion and friends steal a magic grandfather clock and embark on an unforgettable adventure. Are they here to save the universe, or is it simply a marketing ploy constructed as part of an elaborate book tour?"

With its trailer, the description makes for a confusing plot when first watching, so Lion Quest Infinity seems to be one of those games you have to play to understand the plot and what's going on with the characters.

Lion Quest Infinity is available on Steam for PC only for a price of $10.99.

RetroMania Wrestling

By RetroMania Wrestling, United States of America

Taking you back to the wrestling arcade days of yore this retro-inspired wrestling game has beautiful two-dimensional graphics and tons of gameplay options to choose from.