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GDWC Fan Favorite Category Voting: Week One

The 2021 Game Development World Championship started the weekly voting for this year's Fan Favorite category on Monday with nine games up for choosing.

Every Monday to Monday, the winning game from each voting week will move on to be part of the Final Fan Favorite vote at the end of the championship. The final game with the most votes will become the winner of the Fan Favorite category.

Black eSports Network is bringing you the candidates every week, leading up to the final voting to determine the winner.

This week's nine nominees are the following games:

Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes

By Loongcheer Game, China

A mobile game currently available for Android and iOS, Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes puts the player in a dream-like world with warriors facing various enemies to escape the oncoming nightmare and back to reality. Or, is the dream secretly reality?

In any case, the single-player game includes features like a turn-based rogue strategy with over 500 different types of cards available to use. There are six hero classes to pick from, each with unique skill systems and four difficulty types with three game modes.


By Hermit, United States of America

The vision of one person, Oath is another turn-based game, but this RPG is so much more.

"Trapped in an unfamiliar situation, you have only one way forward," the GDWC page for the game reads. "Take... on the role of the Fool and seek the truth of the Heart, but beware [of] the dangers that lie within!"

Oath is currently available to play on Steam and free.

Oona, the Druid's Path

By Astro Pup Games, Spain

In this 2.5D action-adventure, you play as Oona, the apprentice of a druid. Oona has gone off into the enchanted forest to face the biggest challenges of her apprenticeship and her life as she tries to reach the Cloud Kingdom, fight against evil, and discover her destiny.

The game is gorgeous in its trailers and photos, and an early access version of the game is currently available on Steam for free.


By Haruneko Entertainment, Italy

Inspired by the science fiction movies of the 1970s, this top-down arcade shooter takes place in the early 70s, after a robot named PAL 9000 becomes sentient and rebels against the people who make them.

As the main character Julie, your objective is to navigate "aggressive" robots who only move when you do and attack you when you step forward. Of course, this mechanic complicates the way you maneuver your maps, as running through a section runs the risk of being swarmed by robots. Navigate these robots tactfully to find your missing teammates, and, together you can all bring down PAL 9000.

RoboPhobik is only available for the Xbox, both old and new generation consoles, and is $9.99.

S.U.M. - Slay Uncool Monsters

By Doomster Entertainment, Sweden

The monsters in S.U.M. may be uncool, but the design and music remind one of the earlier times of educational math video games.

By using the power of math, your task is to clear dungeons full of these uncool monsters using addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a mix of these four maths.

The more dungeons you cleared, the harder the game becomes. You won't have time to pull up your calculator to find the answer for you--mental math is the secret power in this puzzle game.

S.U.M. - Slay Uncool Monsters is available for Steam, Android, and the Nintendo Switch.


By Zaxiquej, China

Another RPG, but of the fixed-value strategy type with meta-elements, Soulestination follows Rovia: the savior who will fight the enemy and explore the world around her in the process.

The trailer has more details than the Steam page and its page on the Game Development World Championship website such as:

  • Collecting souls in battle

  • Find the path that minimizes damage taken

  • The enemies in the game having skills

  • Puzzles

  • 100 weapons and artifacts

Soulestination is only two months old and costs $2.99 on Steam.

Stories of Liane

By Gearshift Media, United States of America

Stories of Liane takes on an episodic approach to its gameplay rather than a traditional playthrough. However, each episode will come with a personalized gameplay style and a challenge for the player to accomplish.

"Each story is about 15-20 minutes of gameplay, with a launch plan to release three 15-20 minute stories and one major story (30-45 minutes) to tie the plotline together," Gearshift Media says on their GDWC page.

Episode one of three was released earlier this month and is free to play.


By PetRem Labs, Switzerland

If you're looking for a strategy game that isn't also a role-playing game, Sukakko could be the game for you.

Using a chessboard tabletop setting, you can create personalized strategies to take down your opponent (either a friend or a computer) one of two ways:

  1. You win by killing your enemy's commander

  2. You win by eliminating all the other units your opponent has on the field.

This game possesses local multiplayer and online multiplayer. There's a replayability value in unlocking units and commanders.

It is available for purchase on Steam for Windows for $1.99. The game is also available for Mac and on Android.

Time Jumper

By Time Jumper, United States of America

Avoid the Void in this 2D runner game about a time-traveling wizard who spends the game chased by a timeless entity.

The development team, also named Time Jumper, is "a team of two college students who made this" self-titled game in their spare time.

It's available on Steam for free, and the trailer is only available for viewing in the Steam Store.

You can vote for one of these nine video games on the Game Development World Championship's website until Monday, March 29, when Week Two's nominees are announced to be voted on next.

This article was written with the assistance of a press release first published on GamesPress which can be found here.

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