GDWC Fan Favorite Category Voting: Week 4

Congratulations to Sword of the Necromancer for winning Week 3 of the Game Development World Championship's Fan Favorite voting!

Every Monday to Monday, the GDWC has nine new video games for people at home to vote for in their Fan Favorite category. The winning games advance to the final round of voting with the other weekly winners for a chance to be the Fan Favorite.

This week's video game nominees up for advancing to the final vote are:

Blue Fire

By Robi Studios, Argentina

In the world of Penumbra, a new hero awakes to take on its enemies in this third-person action-adventure game. The 3D-platformed land of Penumbra has many secrets and items for you to collect, so there's a big focus on exploration.

Blue Fire was released in February and is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $19.99.

Doomsday Room By Doubleton Game Studio, Canada

"A fictional geopolitical simulation set during a fictional Cold War," you're a representative for the fake country of "Borealia" one of the seven nations who control the world. This decision-making game will affect the global stability of the game's world. Your sphere of influence will help countries grow or destabilize them.

You can also participate in the Space Race, achieve military supremacy and stockpile nuclear weapons. Hey, this all sounds familiar, doesn't it?

Doomsday Room is now available on Steam for $19.99.

Dusk Tactics

By Dusk Tactics Project, United States of America

This turn-based tactical RPG is of 2D pixel art with the battles taking place on tilemaps. Along with combat, you can grow your army, build up your inventory, and take on many abilities. There's also a decision-making element that will help you make friends or enemies, depending on your choices.

Dusk Tactics is currently unreleased at the time of this publishing, but it will be available for PC when it is.

Nine Noir Lives

By Silvernode Studios, South Africa

The second cat-centric game to be up for voting in the Championship so far, this point-and-click murder mystery takes you to the city of Meow Meow Furrington, a hotbed of crime where the balance between two rival crime families must be maintained. You'll meet a plethora of fun cat characters, all dressed in clothes with a variety of personalities. Just don't make fun of your protagonist's paws.

Nine Noir Lives will be available for PC sometime this year.

Oscar & Gems: Puzzle Quest

By Alex Rybalkin, Russia

Help Oscar match eggs, donuts and pizza to lead him to the toilet after eating a delicious lunch. Match the foods and create large combos to get additional moves and first aid kits. Reach the toilet and get transported to the next level!