Game Dev of Color Spotlight: Jarory deJesus and Concrete Rose

The video game industry is a myriad of people.

Some people have been playing video games their whole life; others had never played a game at all or maybe played one or two specific games. Some people have dedicated their lives to become a part of the video gaming industry; others decided they wanted a change.

Some people you meet in the industry may have degrees that have nothing to do with gaming. Others may not have degrees at all, their portfolios speaking for themselves.

Enter Jarory de Jesus, the technical designer who has a bachelor's degree in anthropology.

"It is both completely irrelevant, and I use it every day," he told Black eSports Network in an interview. "I couldn't figure out my major in college for the longest time. Every time they put me in a class to meet one of my requirements [it was] anthropology.

"I took like, six anthropology classes in the process. So [my advisors] were like, 'Why don't you just get an anthropology degree?' I went, 'Sure.'"

He tried his hand at going further to receive a Ph.D. in anthropology and chose not to. In saying goodbye to studying humanity, he opened the door to himself to a ne