Game Dev of Color Spotlight: J. Roscowe, Virtual Reality, and the "In-Game" Anime

Virtual reality gaming has not been a common or popular genre until the last 10 years when VR headsets became available to the average gamer through PlayStation VR and Facebook's creation of the Occulus.

Video game developer J. Roscowe of SuperSane Games loves this niche market and its newfound affordability and accessibility to new gamers and veteran VR gamers alike.

"If it wasn't for the Facebook VR headsets and the PlayStation VR headsets, it would still be a super niche market," Roscowe told Black eSports Network. "People always thought it was gonna be a niche thing. I've kind of been waiting for this time since I was like, a little kid. It's an exciting time, and it's a brand new medium."

And so, his time has come, with an in-game anime.

Bakemono: Demon Brigade Tenmen Unit 01, SuperSane Games upcoming VR game, is a lore-heavy science fiction anime video game that takes place well into the future where Earth is a royal feu