Black eSports Network Launches First Indie Graphic Novel for New Gaming Series Developed With Amazon

Atlanta, Georgia; September 14th, 2021-- Black eSports Network (BESN.TV) has published the introductory comic for its graphic novel series, “Esuoh: Heaven’s Hell.”

“Sixteen years in the making comes the prequel comic for the new graphic novel,” the comic’s page in the BESN.TV Shop said. “Witness an epic retelling of good vs. evil, God vs. Lucifer and how it all started.”

Comic creator Thug-Geek encourages everyone to check out the tale he has crafted for the last decade and a half.

“I would like to thank all the people that made this possible in the 16 years it took to make this happen,” he told Black eSports Network.

Art director Alejo Curuchet’s love for anime and comic books is reflected in the artwork of “Esuoh,” as he uses a myriad of bright colors and swift movements. He likes his panels to be immersive.

“It was a great honor working with Thug-Geek on designing and creating the first installment on this great series,” Curuchet said. “I’m very happy and proud. This is a milestone for me!”

The digital copy is available for immediate download at $9.99 USD and hard copies are available for preorder at $19.99 USD. Hard copies have three unique covers to choose from: Adam and Lilith, G or L.

To purchase a digital copy or preorder a hard copy, you can do so on Black eSports Network’s website:

Interviews regarding “Esuoh: Heaven’s Hell” can be arranged for Timothy “Thug-Geek” Fields at the Calendly link:

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