Black Game Devs Signed Onto Humble Games Black Game Developer Fund

Humble Games has revealed 11 video game developers who have signed on to the "next phase of investments" from the video game publisher's Black Game Developer Fund.

"...In June of last year, we established the Black Game Developer Fund. BGDF continues to build on our vision with a $1 million annual investment fund meant to empower and help achieve racial equity within game development," writes an updated article on the Humble Games website.

"Game development is hard. Being an indie game developer can present even more challenges. Being a Black indie game developer exacerbates those challenges and shows the cracks of inequity surrounding available opportunities as a professional game developer.

"To make the most impact we are focusing on helping to fund these independent projects to get them off the ground or into their next phase of development."

Here are the video game developers who will be taking the next step in their video game developing process with Humble Games and their Black Game Developer Fund:

Flying Carpets Games

Founder: Salim Larochelle