Black eSports Network Inc Partners with Amazon Web Services

Atlanta, Georgia; July 19, 2021 -- Black eSports Network is proud to announce the creation of its streaming and advertising platforms through partnerships with Amazon Web Services.

As the start of several working deals with Amazon, BESN.TV’s creation of advertising and streaming through AWS will benefit both the company but the community we have and aim to serve.

“If you’re a new game dev or streamer, you can come onto our AWS platform once [we’re] finished,” said BESN.TV’s Founder, Tim Fields. “The platform will help these newcomers by giving them a place to work from, with coding their games and creating streaming content.”

They are also currently working on our own in-house games as well.

Amazon Web Services will host in-game development, Fields explained. It will give devs the tools they’ll need to create and complete their games.

“Using AWS to create our advertising platform will also help promote our upcoming tournaments such as the Summer Games Series and our #BLK10 and #PNK10 eSports Leagues.”

Other deals in the works between Amazon and Black eSports Network include Prime Gaming, Prime Video, and Amazon Game Studios.

If you are interested in being a partner or sponsor with Black eSports Network Inc, you can contact Tim Fields by email,


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