Avoiding the Black eSports Bubble

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

The goal of BESNTV is to become the centralized platform for people of color in esports and video gaming. Even though know companies are beginning to support HBCUs for esports growth they will cancel support quickly if they don’t see ROI in their support regardless of it being a post-George Floyd era. It’s time to showcase our economic growth in supporting each other in this new esports economy. Right now we at BESNTV are getting close to closing our seed round for 1.2 million. It's going to take us and our community to take this to the next level. Because as we work together we grow together. Feel free to contact us to be a part of this explosive growth with the upcoming #BLK10 and #BLK10 and also our new indie game tank for students.

To the Black VCs please put your money where your mouth is, not just for marketing. Because $10,000 for a pitch and pour for upcoming Black tech companies is not enough. Your crazy guidelines for entrepreneurs to apply for funding and then quick no responses isn’t going to cut it when every new entrepreneur is looking for that cash resource to build their startup to the next level. You've got the money, spend it and you already know that we, as Black folks, work twice as hard for half and it’s time to end that. I’m Tim Fields and it’s time to take Blacks in tech to the next level! Let’s stop talking about it and be about it!

Side Note: For you big tech companies please support the for-profit companies the same way you're supporting nonprofits!

This has been a PSA for taking all of us to the next level!


Founder & CEO



BESN.TV's goal is to promote the growth of esports & gaming for the black community!

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