A Message of Pride from Black eSports Network

Representation Matters.

At BESN.TV, this phrase isn't just a trendy hashtag. It isn't something we say whenever character creation and groundbreaking protagonists come into play.

We mean it. From your skin tone to your disabilities to the people you fall in love with, representations of yourself and the world around you matter.

At Black eSports Network, we want to share all facets of the Black experience, including love. We're determined to affirm gender identities outside of the gender binary, whether the labels are popular or less commonly used.

We are proud to have members of the LGBTQ community on our team and encourage them to be themselves unapologetically. We feel this exact way about our gamers and the people we meet in our everyday lives.

If you are out and proud, in the closet, or unsure, we still hope you will take the month of June and every month after to explore who you are, who you love and who you want to be.

The flag featured as our display image is the pride flag for Queer People of Color. To see a list of different pride flags, click here.