Five Fighting Games to Get Hype About

As fall in the United States comes into full swing, the games we saw over the summer are finally releasing.

In the first weeks of September, the highly anticipated DEATHLOOP and the latest installment in the Life is Strange franchise, True Colors, became available for play.

Single-player games aren't the only ones available to play. If you enjoy fighting games or are a part of the fighting game community, there are a few upcoming video games to look forward to as the end of 2021 approaches us and the industry looks ahead to 2022.


Release Date: September 30, 2021

This fighting game series is 2D drawn and will feature Japanese, English, Traditional/Simplified Chinese, and Korean language support.

"'MELTY BLOOD' is...drawn with the world view of the feature-length bizarre visual novel 'Tsukihime,' by TYPE-MOON," the website's homepage describes.