2021 World Championship: Day One Standings of Round One Play-In Groups

Riot Games League of Legends World Championship is the crowning moment of the year in the multiplayer online battle arena video game turned esports.

Twenty-four teams from all around the world from professional leagues come together to compete for a chance to prove they're the best League team in the world; perhaps they'll even win some money from the prize pool along the way. Unfortunately, only 22 teams are participating in Worlds this year, as the Vietnamese Championship Series could not attend due to travel restrictions and the delay of the VCS 2021 Summer Season.

Worlds 2021 started Tuesday with the first round of Play-In Groups, in which ten teams are split into two groups of five compete against the teams in their group. Group A will only play against teams in Group A, same with Group B.

These ten teams are fighting to be in the final spot of the Groups already established for Group Stage. The two teams in each group with the best Win-Loss record will automatically get slotted.

The current standings for the Play-In Groups after Day One is:

Group A:

LNG Esports: 2W, 0L

Red Canids Kalunga: 1W, 0L

Hanwha Life eSports: 1W, 1L

Peace: 0W, 1L

Infinity eSports: 0W, 2L