Apply for the Game Devs of Color Expo! Be a Speaker or Present Your Game!

The Game Devs of Color Expo, a yearly exhibition highlighting the video games created by game developers of color, is still looking for expo submissions of games and guest speakers.

For game developers of color, submitting your game to the GDoC Expo is free and open to released and upcoming projects. The Expo gives game developers of color a stage and spotlight to show the people of the gaming and esports industries what they can do.

"We're looking for games that stand out," says the Game Application. "They can be polished commercial titles, or they can be small and personal works that make a statement. Maybe they're from beloved genres, or maybe they're experimental and surprising."

Spots for speakers are open as well, and if chosen, your presentation will also be uploaded to the GDoC's YouTube Channel when the event is over.

"The Game Devs of Color Expo is a global event where we give our audience talks that are unique, thought-provoking, and that they can only find at our event initially," says the Speaker Application. "Because of that, we ask that regardless of your topic (serious, informational, entertaining, etc.), that you submit talks that are new ideas and that you haven't given elsewhere."

Applications for both speakers and video game developers are due April 15 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Information and details are on the GDoC's website.

The 2021 Game Devs of Color Expo takes place online, Sept. 23-26! Follow them on Twitter as details come in about registration and tickets.

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